Testiera decorata a grottesche

The decor

The Marchesa Margherita, last Visconti Venosta heir, wanted the Villa to become a museum that, through the rooms, furniture and works of art, would tell the story of the family. Margherita lived in the Villa until 1982 and made no major changes to the furnishings, which still reflect the taste of the illustrious father-in-law Emilio. For the furnishings, the Marchese relied on the artisan-antique dealer Francesco Chiodi from Tirano, who preferred authentic local antique objects and furniture, although it's also easy to find furnishings made from scratch.

There is also furniture from other family homes and objects collected over the years and travels. This mixture of styles and time periods, which go from the 16th to the 20th century, reflects Emilio's collecting taste, so typical of the late 19th century. So, in the same room, we will be surprised by how short the 18th-century bed of the Marchese is, with the red silk bedspread in Florentine embroidery, or we will be able to imagine some Venosta playing on the 1651 inlaid gaming table, or even smile thinking about the Marchesa's Pekingese dog napping on a comfortable 20th-century dormeuse.