Lo studio

The rooms

Entering the Villa, a large staircase leads to the main floor, with many rooms full of objects and period furniture. In the east wing there is the bright dining room, once used as a chapel, equipped with a lift that allowed you to pass the food from the kitchen. Then you enter the reception hall, where the Marchese Emilio received his illustrious guests: here are shown some precious pieces of his collection, such as the 16th-century altar doors painted by Cipriano Valorsa and the lunette with the Redeemer on the Sepulchre by the School of Ferrara.

Francesco Chiodi, an antique dealer from Tirano who oversaw the furnishings of the Villa, also worked on the construction of the wooden floor and the beautiful coffered ceiling with the family crest. Through the "bat wing"-vaulted weapons room you can enter the west wing, which is the oldest and the most intimate part of the house, where the Marchesi spent their private hours. Here you will find the cozy studio, equipped with a stove and a rich library with more than 2000 volumes, the bedrooms of the Marchesi, with their original groin vaults painted with grotesque motifs, and the guest room.

The second floor is where the high-ranking servants stayed: the lady-in-waiting, the butler, the driver. Their bright and well-appointed rooms make you to think about the intimate life of those summers of the last century, in which the last descendant Marchesa Margherita left Rome with her retinue to spend August in the quiet of Grosio.