Cristo sul sepolcro, dipinto di scuola ferrarese (XVI sec.)

The works of art

Wandering around the rooms of the Villa, you can admire a large collection of ceramics and paintings, works of art, relics from different ages and origins belonging to the family or found by the antiquarian Francesco Chiodi at the behest of the Marchese Emilio. Emilio, who was a passionate collector, was in contact with the Milanese academic and artistic environment and a part of his paintings is now also exhibited in Milan, at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum. In the Villa it is possible to admire 16th-century works including a 16th-century lunette by the School of Ferrara depicting the Redeemer on the Sepulcher. The Marchese especially liked Renaissance art, but also had an eye for local art.

In fact, the valorization of the figure of Cipriano Valorsa, a painter from Grosio very active in the 16th century, is also due to him; in the hall there are two wooden doors painted in tempera by the artist, an interesting example of Valtellinese Renaissance art. Another precious piece of the collection, a gift from the author, is the beautiful oil painting depicting the Virgin and Child by Giuseppe Bertini, a painter of the romantic and realistic movement. Bertini, teacher and director of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, was a friend of Emilio, who was Honorary President of the Academy for many years.

The rooms of the palace are also embellished with 18th-century frescoes with a religious theme. During the recent restoration of the north-west facade, traces of a fresco dating back to the 15th century were found, testifying that the building was not completely destroyed in the 17th century by the Grisons.